Steven C Cobb was born, raised and has lived in the North Country all of his life.  He paints mostly in acrylics and oils, and creates works that deal with his admiration of nature and the outdoors.  The nearby rivers and mountains of New York's Adirondack Park provide much of his inspiration.

 A passionate fly fisherman, Steven's depictions of various trout are not only from his own creel, but from references graciously supplied to him from anglers all over the world.

His landscapes and other works often document scenes from the rivers, lakes, and countryside he frequents, portraying the isolation and solitude of nature while welcoming the viewer into it.

"I believe that my works are best suited in an environment surrounded and shared with other meaningful things, becoming an instrumental part of a feeling or mood.  My work is well served by blending into its surrounding to help create an atmosphere."

As one patron aptly stated;

"I now have something I needed in our home and did not realize it!"

Steven C. Cobb lives and works out of his Quiet Raquette Studio at 4 Woodland Drive, Raymondville, NY.

He is currently represented by Gallery 46 in Lake Placid, NY, River Muse Gallery in Clayton, NY, and The Gallery at Lake St. Lawrence Arts in Waddington, NY.

Steven C. Cobb