Paul Dickson


Sometimes it takes many years for an artist to feel worthy of sharing their vision, imagery, and artistry. This would be the circumstance that Paul finds himself in today! At the young age of 88 years, he has concluded that the art he has enjoyed creating for over sixty years might be valued by others.

A native of Antwerp, New York where he received his education at the local high school, Paul W. Dickson studied two years at St. Lawrence University and two more years at Jefferson Community College in computer studies.

Paul’s entire working career (1951 to 1996) was spent with the railroads as a travel representative and dispatcher. During this time, he also served four years in the United States Air Force, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. After two years as an instructor on hydraulic instruments and control systems of B36’s, Paul spent two years at Burtonwood, England as Crew Chief on C54’s and C119’s and attended classes on F84s and F86s.

Paul’s artistic instincts have always been part of his world. Before joining the Air Force and as a young man, sketching and wood carving (primarily on shelf fungus) became more than a hobby! He sold over 250 shelf fungus carvings in the 70s and 80s.

Becoming interested in oil painting, he attended classes at the Munson William Art School in Utica, NY in the late 90s. Although oils still intrigue Paul, it’s really watercolor that has kept his interest - frequently focusing on waterfowl in a variety of habitats. Admittedly, he is often inspired by nature, using skillfully executed sketches, to format watercolors and oils. 

Images of trains, aircraft, landscapes, seascapes, and nature in general have been captured over the years in Paul’s works! “I always thought it was just a hobby.”