James Griswold 

Rensselaer Falls, NY


I'm pretty new to pastel art and this is my first showing. 

I have always loved to draw and doodle on paper, but I didn't get started in pastels until well after I took an introductory course from Rebecca (Becky) Harblin several years ago.  I love the tranquil atmospheric nuances you can get with chalk on paper.  What can be done still surprises me at times. From my early childhood I've been passionate about the outdoors and the natural world.   I've worked as a fishery biologist and biometrician for most of my career in the West as well as here at home.  Thus, the attraction to a medium which could convey my love for landscapes was immediately apparent.  The north country was where I grew up, but I moved West for most of my working years.  Thus, what I've done in pastel tracks a mostly casual exploration of Adirondack forests and waters along with Mountain West vistas in Wyoming and Montana.  

I hope you enjoy my work.  Many thanks to members of The Gallery for inviting me here.