Bonnie Grant and Tanya Spicer

Two Journeys Art


Two sisters, Bonnie Grant and Tanya Spicer, decided to blend their creative selves into a new venture that they labelled Two Journeys Art. While they were busy living separate lives, they each pursued individual artist interests.

Bonnie loved to draw as a child, but never had time to take art classes while working her way through school to become an RN. Throughout her working years in and around Boston and Cape Cod, MA. She got involved in various art classes including pottery, drawing and painting…and a variety of arts and crafts. She became more involved in painting and crafting after she retired and joined some creative groups on Cape Cod.

Tanya, meanwhile, pursued business certification and an associate in liberal arts degree while raising children and working. As an extension of her creativity, she was making clothing for kids, quilts, pillows, and other household items with fabric and used clothing. The kids grew, and her creativity became more predominate; she was crafting more, drawing, coloring, and doodling. Her husband is very artistic and has his own love of crafting and taught her what he knows about working with beads.

Bonnie moved back into the area, picked up beading as well, bead weaving became an obsession with both of them! They attended classes in beading and wire working, watched videos, bought books and kept on beading. Since silver, other metals and beads go very well together, the obsession has spread from beads to beads and wire, and polymer clay, fabric and leather…...and the Journey continues!!

They now have a studio together in a cooperative gallery; the Lake St.  Arts Gallery in Waddington, NY where they teach classes in beading, wire working, and work together creating new projects. Bonnie teaches painting and Tanya teaches decorative (tole) painting. They both enjoy nature which inspires some of their work.