The Gallery -February 2019

Source: The Journal , Journalist Jake Newman


News Archive- (Grand Opening)

A group of six local artists have come together to establish a new art gallery that they hope will help bring more exposure to art in the north country.

Beverly J. Patchin, Lisbon; David R. Crowell, Pierrepont; Susan Riley, Waddington; Mary G. Holland, Colton; Mark Scott, Waddington and Ken Maldonaldo, Madrid will  open The Gallery at Lake Saint Lawrence Arts to the public on May 20. The group said the gallery will be run as a cooperative.

Update: October 2016- 2 Artists join the Gallery. Tanya Spicer and Bonnie Baxter Grant.

“The major advantage that I was seeing in this artist community forming up here is that there are tons of artists throughout northern New York. They are hidden in the woodwork. You’ll see a few of them at every show, but you’ll never see them all at once,” Ms. Holland said. “What we don’t have is a vibrant community of artists, a place, and that’s ultimately the vision of what we are trying to do here.”

“This provides a venue for artists to get together, to exhibit their work, to interact with each other,” Ms. Riley added.

Ms. Holland said each artist will pay $150 per month for the space at 10 Main Street, where there will be a gallery in the front of the building, a featured artist area and a classroom in the back, where classes will be offered and meetings for various art groups can be held. Each artist will also work part-time at the gallery, and any sales made will be split; 80 percent will go to the artist while the remaining 20 percent will go to the gallery.

The six founding members will act as an administrative committee and the gallery will be juried to maintain a quality exhibit and the group will also look to attract Canadian artists to the gallery.

“There are towns that have become destination artist towns. We are just trying to do that in this region,” Ms. Riley said. “It is not just about Waddington, it is about the arts along the river.”​